Right Now in Before Breakfast

Big changes become doable when you think through your hours

One way to beat traffic

Spend more time exercising, and less time in the car

Make your team more productive

A group break can help bring a team together

When you have too much time

Newly retired? Between jobs? How to optimize time that feels unstructured

The gift of full focus

Full focus — even for a few minutes — can deepen any relationship

A new way to think about sleep

A little mindset shift can help you get to bed on time

Write smarter emails

A listener shares a suggestion for keeping messages clear

Find time to be creative

A listener asks how to find time for creativity when she writes for a living too

Create a better to-do list

A listener suggests giving all tasks a time

How to build a new habit

Increase the chances that your new habit sticks

How to end well

Even good habits might need to change — here’s how to do it

Why I run every day

Committing to a daily habit can change your life

Little tweaks, big results

These easy changes can have a big impact in the long run

Celebrate good habits

Habits matter. Here’s why you should honor your good ones.

Travel and work/life balance

How to make frequent travel easier on yourself and your family

Business trip adventures

Even on a business trip you can do little things to make life feel rich and full

Save time by packing smart

Don't check bags if you can avoid it! Here’s how to pull it off. 

Little travel hacks

These strategies will save you time and hassle

How to stay productive on the road

Travel can sap energy, but if you handle it well, you can get a lot done.

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You can quit in the middle

How to walk away from things that are no longer a good use of time