Right Now in Before Breakfast

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Make yourself stand out

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In praise of effortful fun

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Try a desk day

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Stay afloat when life is overwhelming

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How to get more ideas

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More memories means more time. Find out how (and why) to make today stand out.

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How to stop being late

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Create a List of 100 Dreams

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An easy way to network

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How to exercise during the work day

In an office from 9 to 5? You can still exercise — maybe even with your manager’s blessing!

Think 168 hours, not 24

Never enough hours in the day? No problem. We don’t live our lives in days. We live our lives in weeks. Change your mindset to feel better about work, family, and everything in between.

Morning routines when you have a family

People with family responsibilities can do great things before breakfast too. The key is a little creativity (and flexibility).

What makes a good morning routine?

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Plan something fun for Sunday night

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Make time for friends

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How to Spend Less Time on Email

Email can expand to fill all available space. One Before Breakfast listener writes in with an inbox strategy that has helped her do better work for her clients without getting burned out.