Right Now in Before Breakfast

How to be more persistent

Rewrite your story to view disappointment in context.

Be a better listener

Enjoy conversations more by ending this one bad habit.

Keep your to-do list short

The secret to happiness is making sure expectations match reality.

Stop using the word "busy"

“Busy” is not a synonym for “fine.”

Your best long weekend ever

Time off is too precious to be totally leisurely about leisure.

10 minutes to a better morning

Morning routines don’t need to be elaborate. Ten minutes can change your life.

Be a communication chameleon

Avoid misunderstandings by communicating with people the way they like.

Hold office hours

Need to focus? This surprising strategy can minimize interruptions.

Love your Mondays

Small schedule tweaks can keep the Monday blues at bay

What procrastination can teach us

Get curious about procrastination — and achieve breakthroughs.

Hold yourself accountable

Feeling unmotivated? An accountability partner can help.

Do the tough stuff first

The case for just getting it over with

Big goals, little steps

Conquer procrastination by breaking a big goal into small chunks

Why we procrastinate

This week's episodes are about putting things off — including why we all do it.

Plan it in, do it anyway

Want a good life? Think beyond how you feel right now.

Making people feel special doesn’t take much time

How many hours should you work?

How to succeed without working around the clock

Going to a conference? Do this.

Smart conference-goers focus on relationships, not the panels.

Make your phone less interesting

A listener shares how she kicked her phone habit

Don’t grocery shop on weekends

Protect time for family and fun with this surprising strategy.